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Welcome to Jeffrey Dulaney

Jeffrey Dulaney is a serial entrepreneur with 24 years of experience in software and web development. However, he decided to branch out and learn game development, mobile development, blockchain development, and more in the technology sphere.

Jeffrey Dulaney also gained knowledge about business and personal credit after helping many others achieve success in this area. Now, he is a coach for personal and business credit and many other topics. You certainly cannot pigeonhole him! Browse the website to learn more about Jeffrey Dulaney. Thank you for stopping by!

Jeffrey Dulaney Business Credit

Author: Jeffrey Dulaney
Type: E-Book
Delivery: Instant Download
Price: $9.99

Book Description:

Business credit is a powerful tool that can help business owners achieve success while managing personal finances. This ebook will explain the basics of business credit and how to establish and use it to grow your business. It will also cover the benefits of using business credit, including increased opportunities for financing, increased buying power, and improved credit scores.

Bad credit can be a huge roadblock for business owners looking to expand and grow their companies. This ebook offers a comprehensive guide to using business credit to your advantage, including how to build business credit from scratch, use it to get funding, and more.


Author: Jeffrey Dulaney
Type: E-Book
Delivery: Instant Download
Price: $9.99

Book Description:

Credit Boss The Book was written to answer most of the credit repair questions out there without having to sign up for a special expensive course.

This book was written for the DIY individual who is just looking for the information, and then they can take the information, and apply it to improve their quality of life. Without spending $300 to $900 for a course or credit repair company.


I found Credit Boss The Book to be very informative and helpful. It answered a lot of questions I had about credit repair, without having to sign up for an expensive course. I would recommend this book to anyone who is looking for DIY credit repair information.

Jeffrey Dulaney Credit Coach
Business Credit
  • Jeffrey Dulaney can assist you in comprehending the development of business credit. Jeffrey Dulaney can aid you in sidestepping the hazards you will face in the business credit industry. You can contact me directly to schedule a 30-minute business credit coaching session. By clicking the button below, you can schedule a session.

Personal Credit

Jeffrey Dulaney can help you succeed in obtaining the perfect credit score, regardless of any bankruptcy filings, slow pay, repossessions, collections, or other obstacles in your way. Business credit and personal credit are interconnected, so let's start by fixing your credit and then we can move on to building your business credit. Your life will be changed for the better.

Services Offered

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Software Development

We are experts in software development. Our developers are all English speakers, and we can do anything you can dream of. Contact us now to get started.

Web Development

We can make all your web project ideas come to fruition. No job is too small or too big for us, and we can do it without blowing your budget.

Mobile Developmenr

Jeffrey Dulaney is also a 15-year veteran in mobile development, specializing in Android, iOS, and Windows mobile apps. Today is the day to start bringing your idea to life!

Blockchain Development

Blockchain is a new, exciting technology. Many people have ideas for apps but don't have the development skills to bring them to fruition. But you're in luck – we also specialize in blockchain development.

Game Development

We're passionate about game development regardless of whether it's 3D, 2D, mobile, web, or any other platform. Jeffrey Dulaney can get it done for you on time and under budget. Get a quote today.

3D Animation

Additionally, we offer 3D Animation services for movies, commercials, game projects, or 5-second movie clips. Contact us to see how we can be of assistance.

Quick About Me

Jeffrey Dulaney is a serial Entrepreneur who runs multiple companies and belives the simple but powerful statement "DO THE WORK". Read More Here